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Magneto Optical Storage

3½ inch ( 128MB to 2.3GB ), 5¼ inch ( 650MB to 9.1GB ) Internal and External, New and Refurbished, IDE, SCSI and USB interface drives.
A full range of MO disks available

Hard Drives

All interfaces available, including obsolete ESDI, PATA, SCSI1, ST506 (MFM abd RLL) and SMD. 2½ inch, 3½ inch, 5¼ inch and 8 inch drives in stock

Tape Drives

All models available including hard to find DDS1 and DDS2 DAT drives, DLT, Exabyte, Travan, QIC (Data Cartridge) drives, QIC80 Mini-Cartridge drives etc..

Floppy Disk Drives

Including 3½ inch ( 720KB, 1.44MB ), 5¼ inch ( 360KB, 720KB, 1.2MB) and 8 inch floppy drives

Telephone +44 (0) 114 2508 188

Fax +44 (0) 114 2508 130

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