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Konica-Minolta MCML1300U2 External USB Drive

No longer available

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3.5" Magneto Optical Drive for professional archiving

ISO Standard drive fully compatible with all 3.5" MO media up to 1.3 GB.

MO users who have been faced with the discontinuation of the Fujitsu MO drive will now be able to continue with their 3.5" MO applications and develop new ones whenever ease of usage and an archival data stability of more than 50 years is important.

Easy Use:
The drive has a USB 2.0 interface, no seperate power supply is needed. Installation is easy: Just connect the MCML1300U2 to your PC with the USB cable and it will show up on your menu as an additional drive without the need of special driver software.

Drive specifications:

Operating System
Storage Disk
Reliability MTBF
Transfer rate reading
Transfer rate writing
Access time

Windows XP/2000, Vista, Mac OS 10.1.2
128MB, 230MB, 540MB, 1.3GB
160,000 hours at 25°C
2314-3857 kB/s when MO disk is used
1/3 due to additional erase/verify cycles
140ms on average, 400ms maximum
through USB 2.0, no seperate power supply needed
23mm x 108mm x 120mm


Disk specifications:

Error rate
Overwrite cycles
Climate stability
Impact stability
Wipe stability
Dirt & scratch protection

128MB, 230MB, 540MB, 640MB, 1.3GB
> 50 years including the stored data
< 10E-12 due to 100% certification of every disk
> 10,000,000
tested at 80°C at 85% humidity
test non-critical fall from table height
scratch proof protective coating on disk surface
guaranteed by casing made of polycarbonate


Package contents:

Drive Unit, USB cable, stand for vertical operation, eject needle, manual

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